Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lou's Cheap Transient House in Baguio City

Every month of February, we celebrate the month-long Panagbenga Festival or the Flower Festival in Baguio City. Many people from all walks of life come up to Baguio City just to watch the Street Dancing Parade and the Flower Float Competition Parade which is usually held on the last Saturday and Sunday of the month of February. Most of the Hotels, and Inns in the city are booked long before the actual event happens and that includes other types of accommodations as well. 

We have seen some enterprising visitors who pitched up their tents at Burnham Park or at Melvin Jones Soccer field just to have a place to sleep for a night or two. They sure could save a lot of money this way because they do not have to pay for a place to stay. They use the services of public comfort rooms to relieve and refresh themselves when nature calls but these facilities are not equipped with a shower. What is sad to see is that when they go back home, they leave behind their trash and it becomes an eye-sore for us permanent residents who have to put up with it until the garbage is collected.

Hence the reason why we opened up our humble home to accommodate some of these transients in the city with a reasonable fee of course for keeping the house clean and comfortable for them. Our rates are subject to change during the peak season, Holidays and Panagbenga or Flower Festival so please check with us first for the price quotation. There's nothing fancy about our place. It's just a private and simple residential house but we do our very best to keep it clean and comfortable for our guests. We do impose some house rules such as "NO ALCOHOLIC DRINKS ALLOWED" at our place and this is strictly enforced. It's only a place to rest and sleep for the night but it's definitely not a place to party. If we accept you as our guest, then we expect you to act as one and not trash the place or make the place like a pigsty. We expect our guests to clean after themselves and not throw cigarette butts or candy wrappers or any left-over food in just about anywhere they want to because we already provide waste bins for these. Put them in their proper place because we do practice and observe proper waste segregation in our barangay.

Some of the nearest landmarks to us are the following: Camp John Hay, Nevada Square, Panagbenga Park, FVR Building, Quezon Elementary School, Victory Liner main bus terminal, and SM Mall Baguio. The jeepneys plying the route in our barangay passes by the lake at Burnham Park before going to their staging area which is located at the Igorot Garden Park, this is already in the Central Business District area. The Baguio City Public Market is just behind the Maharlika Building which is located at the foot of Session Road and this is just a stone's throw away from the jeepney staging area. Just use the overpass in the park and it will bring you to the wet market. The regular schedule for the jeepneys plying the route in our barangay is every after 15-minutes interval and taxis do come by every now and then so it's not really difficult to get a transportation to bring you to wherever it is you want to go. To reach us and for further inquiries, please send an email to : inadalou@yahoo.com or call my sister-in-law Emy at this number 09499536441.  

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